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A little reminder to spend your summer holidays in Atina in safety.

The Museum of Atina and the Multimedia Rooms of Palazzo Ducale Cantelmo can be visited every day from 9.00 to 13.00.

Admission to the museum spaces will be restricted (max 5 persons per visit) and subject to the use of face masks, hand sanitation and in respect of social distancing (at least 1m).

For info and reservations please contact the museum: tel. 0776628100 - 3492603957, [email protected]

The Public Library of Atina is open to the public every morning from Monday to Saturday for the loan and return of books and for the use of internet from the computers in the library spaces.

Users must wear a face mask during all the time spent in the premises and follow a few simple rules.

1 - Only one person at time will be allowed access in order to avoid gatherings.
2 - It is compulsory to sign in and out on the register.
3 - It is forbidden to stop in the passageways. Ask the staff to check a book.
4 - The maximum capacity is 7 people.
5 - It is not permitted to use the refreshment area and the toilet is only accessible to one person at a time.
6 - It is possible to check the books and use the computers only with gloves from 10am to 12am and only in the positions indicated by the staff.
7 - The documents and texts of the local section can only be consulted by appointment.
8 - The children's section is not accessible.

Restaurants, pizzerias, pubs and bars are open in compliance with current regulations.

Face masks are mandatory for everyone and can only be removed to eat, but cannot be placed on the table.

There is no obligation to wear face masks “outdoors”.

Indoors (supermarkets, shops, etc.) and on public transport services, face masks are mandatory.

Yes, the Monday market is taking place regularly.

Yes, masses are authorised, but the use of face masks and respect for social distancing are required inside the churches.

Unfortunately not, this year Atina Jazz won't take place.

Unfortunately not, this year the Folk Festival won't take place.

Unfortunately not, the "Gran Galà Lirico" won't take place this year.

Unfortunately not, the "Kids Summer Camp" (old town) won't take place this year.

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