Folk Group “Valle di Comino”

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The “Valle di Comino” Folk Group of Atina was born in 1976 by the Sarda family with the help of young people eager to learn the traditions of their grandparents and make others know what they have rediscovered and brought back into vogue.

It is composed, on average, of 25/30 members aged between 15 and 30, of which 5 or 6 are musicians.

From the first moment it took a preponderant place among the interesting things in the Valley, among the few that have enhanced it and made it known everywhere since the 1970s.

Born with the specific purpose of maintaining the memory and the love for their land and ancient customs by bringing young people closer to them, it has brought back songs, sounds, dances, so as not to ensure that these traditions were lost.

The “Valle di Comino” Folk Group has been in these years of activity a “forge of work and school of moral and socio-cultural life”, for the many members who have alternated over time.

Folklore continues to be an important means of promoting the area and comparing it with other realities. It promotes its land elsewhere and creates indissoluble and constant links with other communities and traditions, in Italy and abroad.

Folk Group of Atina

The continuous travels abroad, “the famous tours” whose echoes have repercussions long after the return, have brought the voice, the panache and the historical memory of Ciociaria traditions almost everywhere in Europe and even in Asia.

These trips allowed the local young people to get to know the nations visited and to fraternize and live with young Germans, English, French, Spanish, Cypriots, Turks, Portuguese, Irish, Swiss, Austrians, Slavs, Czechoslovakians, and give a positive vision of Italy especially by collaborating with compatriots residing abroad.

The Group has given (and it would not have been otherwise if it had not existed) the largest event that has made known, and continues to do so, the Comino Valley and Italy: the “International Folklore Festival” of Atina, for the which the young members collaborate for free.

Since January 1989 he has been inactive in performances for various reasons. Since March 1991 it has resumed its activity to continue to be a center of young culture, of peace among men, and a forge of school and work for the community.

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